Ode to Experian, Equifax, Epsilon, Acxiom, Rapleaf, Phorm, Cambridge Analytica, and Palantir

sun the sky. your points held out
to any who care enough to spend a penny
upon your little perch upon the cloud.

everything said already.
but no one heard. it will be held down now,
in index and coin roll, come again.

someone is watching. I am found
and weighed and found to be
several hundred out of NaN. Merchantable!

at least someone is watching.
Past a long lack, we know
There is a market of authorities

Seeking you desperately
knowing you more or less than you,
ought you be flattered really

omni-nothing, never-knowing, precarious
despite their M3 millions, e-score milliards
and what exa-peta-points of you they could snap.

See they are big brother, but dead at fourteen
of gaucheness and ick hubris. someone at least is telling
something to be watching, and that is as good as it gets.

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