do not forget we live in the future

(c) Elizabeth Parker Hats

"We exist in a state of social and physical equanimity that is unparalleled in the history of humans. Why else would we alert the media every time we feel a little blue?"
- Dave Hickey

Look at this reverse image search thing! God, isn't it worth social atomisation and massively lower attention spans? Particularly when taken in tandem with this lovely thing.
And this.
And this.
And this.
And this.
And this, this, this and this.
And all that.
And this.
And this.
And this.
And this.
And this.
And this (alt).
And this.
And these.
And this.

(Prostate exam of justice.)

They've all got downsides. (Ok, not Child'sPlay) But that's built into the idea of "technology". Wikileaks in particular is a time-traveller from some future place where people actually control their governments. But in this spacetime manifold, it's fucking dangerous.

(Regarding that future "actual democracy", the Chinese 人肉搜索, "human-flesh search-engine" seems to be from the same portal, though it's reactionary and horrible rather than David and Goliath.)

Some music lights up the dark if you let it: GO FEAST YEAH PRESSED


what's eating him?

What are you so angry about?

1. When journalists attribute coherent thought systems to politicians who have no such thing. It becomes the duty of academics to "reconstruct" (i.e. construct) them. cf. Thatcherism, Reaganism, even Howardism.

2. When Peter Strawson sets the agenda for the metaphysics of the next fifty years with a bollocksy arbitration that William of Ockham wouldn't have touched.

Steve Pratt (2009), Metaphysics of Presence, elk shit on hessian

3. When geniuses are idiots, and loudly.

  • Freeman Dyson (denied that humans have damaged the environment, tried to discredit IPCC)

  • Ludwig Wittgenstein: "Pinsent enraged me with notions of women’s suffrage. The only women I know are idiots who flirt with professors." Also his life-denial and Natural Law stuff.

  • Salvador Dali

  • Martin Heidegger
(Fry, Watson and Meades don't make the list.)

4. The theoretical conclusion that "The free-market is an automatic producer of justice."

5. When music is dismissed on grounds of it "obscure". (The music in question was Jerry Lee Lewis' !) I understand that obscurity is social (quasi-real) and that the rule of what's obscure is just whatever most people don't know, and not what any given obsessive music nerd reckons is seminal - but that doesn't stop the rule being ridiculous. Empires call their provinces "obscure" (that is, "over-covered"; "exotic"; "dark"). And there is nothing dark about a far land to those who live in it. Accusations of obscurity are based in failure to navigate, and in fear.

When music is hailed on grounds of obscurity. The life-denying intellectualism of alt.crowds is clear to us. And though it takes serious effort to dislike pop, we are still very willing to supply that effort. it's worth remembering that people who care about music are often terrible.

6. When realistic films are unrealistic. When sensationalists are hiding a good point. When I realize that I actually should have walked out of the fucking thing. (When Gaspar Noé beats me.)

"Gaspar Noé does not want you to stay for his movies. He wants you to leave...He is on a search for the true nature of man...

If he can offend us enough, perhaps he will find what he is looking for, a humanity who finds his style of entertainment not worth watching; finds his views on the world to be incorrect, finds that the actions he depicts in his films are rare and not worthy of the obsession and exclusive foregrounding with which he builds his world

Lists of Songs in Songs

On Spotify Here

1. Plus Ones - Okkervil River
no one wants a tune about the 100th luftballoon,
seen shooting from the window of your room
to be a spot against the sky's colossal gloom, and land, deflated
in some neighbor state that's strewn with 99 others

2. Hot Topic - Le Tigre
(fuh all thuh gurrrrlz)

3. Losing My Edge - LCS Soundsystem

It is about being horrified by my own silliness. And then it became a wider thing about people who grip onto other people’s creations like they are their own.

4. Teachers - Daft Punk)
(You haven't heard of these, go away if you say you have.)

5. Teachers - Soulwax
(be nothing like one's heroes)

6. A Praise Chorus
(Wait for the bridge: Shondells, Madness, Promise Ring, Bad Company, They Might be Giants. This meant something to me, once.)
Crimson and clover, over and over
Crimson and clover, over and over
Our house in the middle of the street, why did we ever meet?
Started my rock 'n roll fantasy
Don't, don't, don't let's start, why did we ever part?
Kick start my rock and roll heart.

6. Life Is A Rock - Reunion
(Guyyysss...this didn't have to be a novelty tune, now did it?)

7. Labels - GZA
(Amazing! if you don't read the label you might get poisoned)

Tommy ain't my motherfuckin' boy
When you fake moves on a nigga you employ
We'll all emerge off your set, now you know God damn
I show living large niggas how to flip a def jam
And rough up the motherfuckin' house cause I smother
You cold chillin' motherfuckers, I still warn a brother
I'm ruthless my clan don't have to act wild
That shit is jive, an old sleeping bag profile
The soft comedian rap shit ain't the rough witty
On the reel to reel it wasn't from a tough city.

8. Pop songs your new boyfriend's too stupid to know about - Tullycraft
(I mean, he likes Sting ffs!)

9. Destroy Rock n Roll - Mylo
(The 80s on trial)

Duran Duran
Duran Duran
Duran Duran

10. Coded Language - Saul Williams

11. His Indie World - Mary Lou Lord
(These things are not so inclusive.)

(Here, no vid.)

12. Dear Resonance - Even in Blackouts.
Talk of war and actions that resemble such;
I dance in my club with the guilt of my apathy shaking this indifference.
And then I hear Lennon’s Imagine and the generations around me
waltz in mockery and irony. I want some distance.
It hurts to know history’s closeness can blow a hole right through your guile
Without showing its face.
The times may be constantly changing, Bob,
But what does that mean to resonance?

13. Irk The Purists - Half Man Half Biscuit.
(eclecticism eudaimon! épater le contre-culture!)


maybe partying will help

Avatar (2010)

We think that fun is radical and revolutionary fun actually was becoming quite subversive fun was very important it was a direct rebuttal of the kind of ethics and morals that were being put forth in the country to keep people working in a rat race. bakhtin saw the carnival as a popular expression of subversion a “world turned inside out” in which people could make fun of the systems the system of power that structured their everyday existence maan

Matrix 2 (2004)

"To dance is to rebel."

the performance principle denies people’s desire for “mindless pleasures”—sexual, playful, and nonproductive (or nonreproductive)—in order to promote labor that becomes ever more alienated from its products

The role of the father is taken by “the Man” who “has a branch office in each of our brains”

Fuck the rich! Fuck the cops! Everyone to the streets on Saturday November 20! We will party in Parliament Square and if the cops try and stop us with their usual violence - WE WILL FUCKING DEFEND OURSELVES! Unite against the bastards-whatever you call yourselves-student, worker, poor, Muslim, anarchist, socialist, communist, human-these fucking scum are destroying us and our planet-FUCK THEM!

equal enjoyment alone entitles you to equal enjoyment. Enjoy, then you are entitled to enjoyment. But, if you have laboured and let the enjoyment be taken from you, then – ‘it serves you right.’ If you take the enjoyment, it is your right; if, on the contrary, you only pine for it without laying hands on it, it remains as before, a, ‘well-earned right’ of those who are privileged for enjoyment. It is their right, as by laying hands on it would become your right.

Body smells are unique. Everyone has her own body smell. Capitalists don't like individuality. There are millions of body smells but only a few deodorant smells. Capitalists like that.

pornographic stimuli threaten to override not only rules about the place of sex in polite society but also conventional political resistance to taking pleasure in others’ exploitation or in being exploited Eros overflows the boundaries set for it by the productivity principle and threatens to divert the desire to dominate or submit from the work world back to the sexual body


advocating ostentatious libertinism as a political duty

The Young Hegelians known as Die Freien; Herbert Marcuse; and these days Crimeth!nc; Adbusters; can either fuck off or grow up

"As I look over this beautiful land,
I can't help but realize that I am alone.
Why am I able to waste my energy
To notice life being so beautiful?
What of the people who don't have what I ain't got?
Are they victims of my leisure?
To fail is to be a victim,
To be a victim of my choice. Huh.
Maybe partying will help."


Why Worry?

Rationalist walks into a job interview.

Interviewer: "Have you any experience in the field, Mr...Leibniz?"
Rationalist: "WHAT IF I DON'T?"


Reading a wee biography of Shane MacGowan which describes his childhood as "port-stained". Not "port-wine-stained", but worse.



"I found out I'm gay, a few weeks ago in Oklahoma.
That sucked - I had no idea! Some guy in a bar told me, he said:
'Hey, you're a faggot!'
And I thinks:

'Ahh shit! How am I gonna tell my Dad? It was hard enough breaking it to him that I was an asshole. He's gonna hate this!'"

- Doug Stanhope

MISSING: proper conception of male sexuality. If found, please return to

The Connoisseuse of Slugs - Sharon Olds

When I was a connoisseuse of slugs
I would part the ivy leaves, and look for the
naked jelly of those gold bodies,
translucent strangers glistening along the
stones, slowly, their gelatinous bodies
at my mercy. Made mostly of water, they would shrivel
to nothing if they were sprinkled with salt,
but I was not interested in that. What I liked
was to draw aside the ivy, breathe the
odor of the wall, and stand there in silence
until the slug forgot I was there
and sent its antennae up out of its
head, the glimmering umber horns
rising like telescopes, until finally the
sensitive knobs would pop out the
ends, delicate and intimate. Years later,
when I first saw a naked man,
I gasped to see that quiet
mystery reenacted, the slow
elegant being coming out of hiding and
gleaming in the dark air, eager and so
trusting you could weep.


There's a list of philosophical blogs here which is a diverting thing itself - the titles are a mix of:
  • the contemptibly arch ("Fides Quaerens Intellectum", "Atheist Revolution"),
  • the in-jokey ("This Is Not The Name Of This Blog", "What Is It Like To Be A Blog?"),
  • the poetic ("Warp, Weft and Way", "We Call Upon The Author To Explain") and
  • the goofy ("Brain Hammer", "Scottish Nous")
- a fantastic encapsule of what philosophy does look like.


This, recent of a friend, shames me with its purity and honesty. 


"The thing with a lot of Guardian readers is that they think they could write the Guardian better themselves. Whereas Times readers think they could run the country better themselves."
- Caitlin Moran

"Goverment!!! Tread very carefully. It is just beggining.
The poor of Britain will start hitting back.
Take stock and be very careful how you approach or deal with this. Remember it was not the poor who created this situation. The austerity measures should be directed at those who caused them.
We are only here for 70 or so years so why make it difficult and nasty for people!!
Government!! You have so much to learn
- apropos Millbank student protest.
(I should really stop reading online comments.)



  • an "Essay on Inarticulate Knowledge"
  • Big thing on Chinese pop
  • A series of cloze readings of pop songs.
  • Some long poems I wrote on going round the Scottish universities' 2008 Open Days.
  • Have started another blog, for disagreeing absolutely with myself. If it looks offensive to you:
    1) good, you're my kind of people and
    2) think what it is to write.
  • Also a big ass rewrite of my first-year essay on vegetarianism (so it's not to be a whiny mess). Hybrid of ethics, ecology and economics planned, and contains a section on what I'm calling Sentimental Vegetarianism.
  • also I appear to be at university.



Mr Levinas, Gamesmaster

When you visualized a man or woman carefully, you could always begin to feel pity...When you saw the lines at the corners of the eyes, the shape of the mouth, how the hair grew, it was impossible to hate. Hate was just a failure of imagination.”
- Graham Greene







[cmd:/run {existence}]

---Welcome to Being!

---You usurp {Djellali Mohd}. What gives you the right to do that to him? You take {200} Shame Points!

---You see Dave, the guy who always gives you hassle about your hair!


---You see {9} Responsibility Points!

[cmd:/take 9RP]

---You receive 9000 Shame Points!

[cmd:/give sandwich: Dave]

---Dave is {still hungry}!
---Shame total {8999}

---Through Dave's Face, you realize you are related (always-already asymmetrically non-subsumptive divinely) to all Thirds! You now have {6.999999 billion} dependents!

[cmd:/fill conscience with RP]

---You don't feel good! Critical shame!


---That is abandonment! Are you sure?


---You abandon Others infinitely! You lose!



Name: Emmanuel Levinas
DOB: 12/01/06
This term's personal Project: Unconditional being-for-the-other in papier maché.
Timeframe: Hm.
Budget: Oh!
Progress: N/A

Comments: Must try harder.


The formal problem I have with Levinas is that so much of his work is sited beyond the lead curtain of the rhetoric of Being. This excuses his work for not being easily visualized or schematized (which Anglo-American philosophy tends to demand as a condition of relevance), but it also creates the stench of patchouli and a serious issue with being sympathetic to him as you learn.


  1. "ontology"" VS "meontology" (not-being, beyond being)

  2. The Other VS The Same

  3. ethics of freedom VS Levinasian ethics

  4. ethics of Sameness VS ethics of Alterity

  5. ontologies of power (every philosopher before him)

  6. Being-for-the-other vs Being-for-the-world

  8. (maximal exposure vs the “signifier beyond all signification”)

    It's not that this is how Levinas wants things to be. It's not; he'd concede that this is pretty shit, after all. But it's how he thought things are, and how they are before everything else, like perception, consciousness and choice. Like great gamblers, we make the wager before we know what a wager is.

    "From the very start you are not indifferent to the other.
    From the very start you are not alone!
    Even if you adopt an indifferent attitude, you're obliged to adopt it!
    The other counts for you; you answer him
    as much as he addresses himself to you;
    he concerns you


      the descent of man

      And, now, No.5; the ascent of the world...